A Portrait, Headshot, Event, Street, Fine Art, Landscape, and Seascape Photographer


   I'm an Easton Maryland based photographer that specializes in portrait, headshot, street, landscape, and fine art photography and can be found at Ted Mueller Photography.

  After years of engineering and science, I rediscovered the joy of photography and I’m developing my “right brain”. I now see the world around me differently like the glimmer in an eye, subtle tones of color, or the shimmer of light on an object, things I surely missed in my younger days. I'm happiest when a person is in my viewfinder.

  Photography to me is both a creative process along with a technical process. I prefer photographic art over photojournalism so many of my images are computer enhanced. I enjoy adding a creative flair to my images so I frequently add textures, blur, or combine images for my final product. My style of photography allows me to be creative, to be whimsical and create an image that is more than reality.

   I have studied photographic art through workshops, books, the internet, and graduated from the New York Institute of Photography. My work has been displayed throughout the Mid-Shore Region in local venues, websites, and galleries (Studio B Gallery, Candleberry Gallery, Easton Gallery of Photographic Arts, Academy Art Museum, Art Barn, Simpatico, and Dorchester Center for the Arts). I'm an event photographer for What's Up Magazine and also volunteer as an event photographer for the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy, Eventful Giving, Historic Easton, Inc., Easton Business Alliance, and the Avalon Foundation. I've also taught "Intro to Photography" at the Academy Art Museum and the Dorchester Center for Arts.

   I do all of my own work, from capture to final output, and do printing on a state of the art printer using dye inks and archival paper. I also use Bay Photo or CG Pro for large prints, canvas, or metal prints. Both approaches create prints that will last for decades.


Check out my FaceBook page: TedMuellerPhotography and "like" if you want to see updates. Contact me if you're interested in purchasing a print or want a portrait session.